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We are building the first birth center in Malawi. The idea behind it: combining tradition and culture with medical know-how in order to reduce the high maternal and infant mortality in this country.

We have called this project and our non profit, registered association : *chikondis*. Chikondi is not only a very popular name in Malawi, but also means in chewa, its national language, love and admiration. Each mother and each child deserve love and admiration. If you want to support our project, you can either purchase one of our chikondis dolls (see picture on the right) and/or make a donation. Our chikondis are handmade by three women and a tailor in Blantyre/Malawi. Thus we have initiated another project and provide new jobs. According to the motto: Help people to help themselves!

All colourful dolls are made by hand and each single chikondis is an absolute unique piece. These dolls are our female ambassadors, who spread the idea and help us in achieving our goal. With only one donation you can support two projects.

Our chikondis movie… simply beautiful!!!

Faces No faces!
Each donor gives the project a face – in a symbolic and personal way.
Jewellery African women express their individuality by wearing specific jewellery. The earrings, necklaces, buttons, bracelets and hair accessories of the dolls consist of glass, acryl and wooden beads, shells, sequins, flower and plant seeds.
Hair The dolls have black, brown or grey hair – because we want to accompany all women in the birth house – regardless of their age, helping them in different stages of their life. No two hair styles are alike: Diversity is wonderful.
Chitenche This fabric is not only a traditional cloth for women but mothers also wrap their newborns in it. Various clothes of the dolls are sewn from Chitenche. The fabrics differ in colour, pattern and motif – and reflect the joy and vitality of Malawian women.
Female Symbol Our chikondis are all females: They symbolize femininity and fertility.
Label The brown heart symbolizes Malawi – a country which is also called “The warm heart of Africa”. The yellow background stands for the sun of Africa and the joy of the people. The letters are green because the colour expresses hope and fertility but also nature because: A seed (idea) and good care (donation) will produce a wonderful healthy plant (birth house).

Chikondis Poster