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Geburtshaus Here everything is offered what you would expect to be offered in a German birth center but tailored to the needs and local circumstances of mothers, children and fathers in Malawi.
  • It is planned that Malawian midwives regularly exchange their experiences with German midwives and both learn from each other.
  • The midwives are in charge of preventive care, birth and puerperium. Aftercare (puerperium) is usually not offered in Malawi.
  • Courses: family planning, hygiene, baby care, breast-feeding, nutrition etc.
  • identifying of risk pregnancies and early intervention
  • advanced training for Malawian midwives and mothers
  • AIDS education and HIV tests
  • sexuality education and distribution of contraceptives
  • consulting hours for HIV-positive pregnant women and mothers

We want to create a place which
  • is safer than the home of the women and nicer and warmer than a hospital
  • makes women feel comfortable and safe
  • protects mother and child in a very sensitive stage of life and supports a mother and her skills
  • offers knowledge and wisdom, love and protection.