Midwife Swantje

Competence, passion and drive

After completing my studies as a „development instructor“ in the Caribbean, I traveled to Malawi for the first time in 2003. This is where I found my passion for the midwifery profession. I decided to complete a midwifery training at the Charité during a home birth in Kunthembwe, which had ended fatally for mother and child.

As part of my training, I was allowed to work in Malawi for 10 weeks in a private as well as a state hospital. During this time, I became aware how close to joy and love, but just as close to suffering and grief midwives really are. However, I could not and did not want to get used to the medical / social conditions that many pregnant women in this country have to endure.

I decided to get active myself…

And founded Chikondis e.V.

In addition, I trained as a life and death companion, because love and life are as close together as suffering and death.


chikondis e.V.

chikondis e.V. is a non-profit association that dedicates its work to promoting development cooperation and public health in Malawi.

The association was founded in September 2012 and is registered at the Charlottenburg / Berlin district court in the association register under file number VR 31986 B.

We are a total of 29 members and are from Leipzig, Halle, Münster, Berlin, Merzig and Malawi (Blantyre and Limbe).

Excerpt from the Articles of Association (…)

§2 Purpose of the Association
  1. The purpose of the association is to promote sustainable development cooperation and public health. The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular through the support of the “pachikondis birth clinic” registered in Malawi and through “helping people to help themselves” a small project in Malawi that produces “chikondis dolls”.
  2. To achieve its goals, the association will in particular
    • sustainably support the “pachikondis birth clinic” birth center
    • carry out appropriate projects in cooperation with independent local organizations
    • Support socially / health-disadvantaged and medically undersupplied women during their pregnancy, childbirth, in childbed and later in family planning and HIV / AIDS education and prevention
    • Cooperate with other like-minded institutions in Malawi
    • Promote educational, information and public relations work
  3. The association pursues its non-profit constitutional purposes partly as a development association, partly through its own activities. Insofar as the association is active as a development association in accordance with § 58 No. 1 AO, it will only forward its funds to other domestic or foreign corporations or to corporations under public law for the purpose of promoting tax-privileged purposes.

If you are interested, the complete statutes can be requested using the contact form.