Our most beautiful chikondis moments

YAAM supports chikondis charity event

What a wonderful day and night at YAAM. Our chikondis charity event was only successful because of all the great and amazing people who put their heart & soul in it ! Ange da Costa and BATILA…..amazing vibe and we loved the stage performance ! A big shout out and thanks to PAPA YAAM who made the first big step – for us to make it possible……..R.I.P. Ortwin. Thanks to Daniel who created this video…….and THANKS to soooooo many more people….we are blessed to have you all in our chikondis family !!!

Black Unikonz “Limodzi Tingathe” – together we can

Black Unikonz …..young talented artists from Malawi are supporting chikondis e.V. with their own style of talking about us through music…..Zikomo to BlackUnikon, BlackNight, BlackDiamond, YoungNight, Simba and M.O.D. productions……..Thanks to BenBei and Crew for the video shoot ! Thanks to all the people who made this possible ! We appreciate you all so very much and we are so thankful for our first chikondis music video 🙂 ZIKOMO KWAMBIRI !!!!

our chikondis project- we love it

Chimfire talks to people on the streets in Blantyre about the chikondis project and the idea behind it. Regina Teichs, wonderful woman and great artist, puts all of the material in a very touching and “eye candy” video. WE LOVE THIS VIDEO SOOOO MUCH……music and pictures…….we are proud to have a video like that. Dankeschön Regina and zikomo kwambiri Chimfire and BlackUnikon for your support and ideas. MUSIC from the BLACK UNIKONZ straight out of MALAWI 🙂

Muscle Mansy talks about chikondis e.V.

Zikomo kwambiri for supporting us and standing strong for our purpose.Mr. Malawi support chikondis e.V.

chikondis e.V. commercial

Advertising Agency “AnnTrieb” donated a chikondis commercial which was shown in 91 buses and trains all over Potsdam. Thanks to “AnnTrieb” owner Anne Durmaz.

A poem for chikondis

Gracia, 15years of age, wrote a poem for chikondis.

Thank you very much Gracia for your words and thoughts.